Defeat the salty horde that is going for your lands, slimes! Fight alone or with up to two friends for the freedom of your slimy sort. In order to reach this honorable goal you need to sacrifice parts of yourself to build towers that are capable of shooting those monsters. But beware that they won't have problems to bring you down if you give away too much.



  • Start or join a game with Space
  • Move around with the arrow keys
  • Build towers with Space
  • Pause with Escape


  • Start or join a game with the Start button
  • Move around with the right analogue stick
  • Build towers with the A button
  • Pause with the Select button


Linux 64-bit 20 MB
Version 2 Dec 04, 2018
Windows 64-bit 19 MB
Version 2 Dec 04, 2018
Mac OSX 33 MB
Version 2 Dec 04, 2018

Development log


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i like the concept and the the music the game feels like it needs a bit more polish but overall i like it

Nice idea. After a couple of tries I got the idea of the gameplay. unique mechanic ! I certainly like this! 

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Thank you for you game. Interesting idea. From the beginning it was not quite clear what to do. But when you understand, it's fun to play. The Music & Sound Effects is awesome :-)